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Discover sustainable strategies to care for your congregants and cultivate a thriving community without burning out.


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Dive into our free resources and understand our mission to equip church leaders with sustainable strategies to prevent burnout and inspire community transformation.

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Join and collaborate with a community of care ministry leaders that are passionate about transforming their cities with care.

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Join the 5-month mastermind with other leaders and be led through a step-by-step path towards building a strategic care ministry.

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Your journey towards a sustainable, burnout-proof care ministry starts here.

Take the first steps in building a Sustainable Care ministry with our Free Guide: 3 Steps to Building a Sustainable Care Ministry.

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A space for church leaders to learn, grow, and prevent burnout while fostering resilient communities.

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Develop a culture of care and have a team of skilled and healthy volunteers.

You don't have to do it alone.

The Care Ministry Cohort was created to help you build a strategy of care for your congregation.

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About Hope Made Strong

Discover how Hope Made Strong is helping church leaders prevent burnout, build emotional resilience, and ignite community transformation.

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Meet The Hope Made Strong Team

Laura Howe


Laura Howe is a mental health clinician and community development strategist for churches that want to care for their communities without burning out. She supports local church leaders to overcome and prevent burnout, create effective and sustainable care ministries and be a beacon of hope for their community.

Joy Aliba Edumu

Virtual Assistant

Joy Aliba Edumu is a dedicated and experienced virtual assistant, specializing in providing top-notch administrative support, podcast management, and customer service. Living in Uganda, but supporting those all around the world Joy is exceptional at connecting virtually. When she isn’t on her laptop providing support to her clients, Joy loves to experience the thrill of travel and experience new cultures.

Rev. Rebecca Bailey

Ministry Coach

Rev. Rebecca Bailey is a clinical counselor and recovery ministry leader in Nashville Tennesse. She previously served on a pastoral staff team and led preschool, connection, and recovery ministries for over 8.5 years. Rebecca is passionate about helping “The Church” create systems of care and support for all people, but especially those working on their mental health, trauma, and chemical dependency recoveries. Healthy church people create churches of healing and grace!

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