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anxiety & depression Oct 11, 2022



There are many scriptures that tell us that we are to walk in peace, have a sound mind and live free of fear. As believers and God’s children, we know that’s what He wants for our lives.

So as Christians how do we overcoming the panic, the restlessness and intense worry that can preoccupy our minds? What as believers can we do in the moment of crisis?

Now more then ever we need to build our knowledge about what anxiety is and tools on how to overcome it.

In this video I offer some strategies to help your body begin to overcome anxiety so you are able to feel less anxious. Our body and mind are interlinked. When we are able to change how our bodies are reacting to fear and anxiety our mind and emotions has the opportunity to calm.





Often times when we are anxious we have very shallow breathing. We are breathing from our chest, our shoulders are rising we are not getting enough oxygen into our lungs and body. Our heart rate is fast to try to get more oxygen to our body and we are in a cycle of shallow breathing and rapid heart rate. By intentionally slowing our breathing we are allowing more oxygen to fill our lungs and heart also begins to slow. I use the analogy of smelling a flower and blowing out a candle to demonstrate how to breathe. This may seem childish, but its something we can all relate to. You take a full breathe in like your smelling a flower. Hold for a few seconds then a long blow out to extinguish all the birthday candles. The pattern is to breathe in deeply using your tummy, hold and then a long slow breathe out. After a few tries, you will begin to slow your breathe and in just a few moments you will be able able to deeply breathe in for 4 seconds, hold for 4 and take a full 8 seconds to fully exhale.



When we are anxious we can be hyper-focused on the issue that we are worried about. Pulling your attention away from the worry and onto something else that is calming or enjoyable is what distraction is all about. Watching a comedy show, listening to music, getting into a hobby, baking/cooking, reading a book. These are all great distraction activities that take your mind off the perceived threat and onto something that you enjoy. Even if it’s a different activity for 20 minutes. That time away has allowed your body to shift gears and release some tension.



Facing a whole day with nothing scheduled can be overwhelming. Your mind often returns to the stress and worry and you begin to feel anxious. Maintaining a schedule is positive for your mental health and we naturally thrive in routine. So create chucks of activities for your day. Start by setting a time to wake-up and time go to bed. Fill in meal and snack times, time for exercise or movement, a few positive distracting activities and you have less open space. It can be overwhelming to look at days, weeks or possibly months of open unstructured time. But by breaking it into chunks it can become more manageable.

These are great tips on how to overcome anxiety but remember it is the word of God that will bring healing and restoration to your souls. Click on the link below and a list of scriptures about rest, calm will be sent to your inbox. Post these scriptures in your home where you see them often. These are to remind you that as a believer you can overcome anxiety and worry.



Rest & Peace scripture Cards: 

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