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83: How to Break Cycles, Heal from Trauma, and Restore Your Faith with Kobe Campbell

Sometimes as Christians, we may question why we are struggling with depression and anxiety after giving our lives to God because after all He renews all things. Right?

However, in this episode with Kobe Campbell, we come to the realization that our belief in Christ does not exclude us from facing trauma and that the Bible showcases incidences in which trauma existed and how different people navigated through it.

As leaders, we can offer support to trauma survivors and the word of God is our back up for that as shared by Kobe Campbell in Episode 83.

 She shares: 

  • The definition of trauma
  •  The intersection of trauma and faith
  •  How leaders can establish a safe environment for trauma survivors to come forward
  • Her new book “ Why Am I Like This? How to Break Cycles, Heal From Trauma, and Restore Your Faith” and how it can benefit different people


  • “We live in the stories that we tell ourselves, and the stories that we tell ourselves are based on the experiences that we've had.
  • “Trauma is a past wound that affects how we live in the present and how we perceive the future.”
  • “A church can't be a place where people are healed and restored until that organization is a place that people perceive as safe.”
  • “At the core of healing is feeling safe, feeling empowered, getting wisdom, so that we can do something different than we've done before.”
  • “For leaders, trauma recovery is not something you can teach in a way that people will fully receive unless you're embodying it.”

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