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100: Let's Talk About Anxiety

Pastoral leaders are entrusted with the emotional well-being of their congregation. They are the go-to source for comfort, guidance, and support during difficult times. 

This expectation to always be the pillar of strength can create immense emotional pressure. When pastoral leaders experience anxiety themselves, they might fear that their personal struggles will undermine their ability to provide effective guidance.

And this was the case for Curtis Chang and in this episode, he shares why one should not hide away from embracing anxiety and how anxiety is an opportunity for growth. 



  • To be anxious is to be human
  • Anxiety is the fear of future loss
  • Christian growth involves facing loss with something other than avoidance
  • Resurrection is the restoration through loss, it’s not the promise that you will avoid loss



The Anxiety Opportunity: How Worry Is the Doorway to Your Best Self


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