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101: What is the Care Ministry Cohort

As leaders in ministry, we are always looking for better ways to create a culture of care and since the conception of The Care Ministry and this podcast, I have received a number of questions like;

  • How one can start a care ministry?
  • How do I recruit and train volunteers?
  • What other churches are doing when it comes to care?


With The Care Ministry Cohort, we will walk with you step-by-step as you build a thriving care ministry offering you the community you didn’t know you had, the accountability that you know you need, and guidance.

I share everything you need to know when you sign up for The Care Ministry Cohort in this episode.

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  • Leaders are often so busy supporting people, running around putting out fires, answering emails, in meetings that you have very little time to build the ministry that you want.
  • The truth in care ministry is that you cannot solve everyone’s problems.
  • The church can only do so much for people but by having a strategic plan you can work towards providing care.
  • Without a system or documentation process, you are setting yourself up for a liability issue.