Church Mental Health Summit

102: The Problem of Addiction and Trauma for Women with Caroline Beidler

Church is an instrumental place of healing for those suffering from various addictions and traumas. In this episode,  we hear from Caroline Beidler, author of Downstairs Church: Finding Hope in the Grit of Addiction and Trauma Recovery, and advocate for recovering women.

Caroline’s personal story of addiction and recovery brings to light key reminders for the church as it opens its doors to those seeking help.

Caroline shares:

  • How sometimes God allows our heart posture to change before our behavior changes. 
  • The shame of addiction Those with addictions often bring heavy shame, embarrassment, and guilt when they walk in the doors. 
  • How challenging it is for women to have access to necessary resources for recovery.
  • The helpful resources the church can offer
  • The recovery stages of addiction


  • Hold on…it’s going to get better.





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