Church Mental Health Summit

104: Suicide Awareness and How to Offer Support After a Suicide with Glen Bloomstrom

Join us today for an open and honest discussion about suicide prevention. Special guest Glen Bloomstrom introduces us to Living Works ASIST–a suicide prevention training he was first introduced to during his service as US Army Chaplain for 30 years. 

It’s time to tackle the stigma surrounding suicide. What is the church’s role in providing care to those suffering from suicidal thoughts? Glen’s advice is simple: Stop talking, and learn what to listen for.

Don’t miss his wisdom and insight as we grow in our ability to provide effective care in the church. 



  • The church wants to help, but they don’t know how. Sadly, it takes an attempt or a death before it gets people’s attention.
  • The church and the faith community has so much to offer in a society that’s increasingly isolated, lonely, and disconnected.
  • Natural helpers need to be trained. 
  • Suicide is part of the human condition. When we’re isolated, when we keep it a secret, it gathers power. But if we can talk about it, it removes the power and connects us.






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