Church Mental Health Summit

105:Mental Health in the Church with The Better Samaratian Podcast

There’s a shift happening in the landscape of our churches surrounding the topic of mental health. In a special interview with Jaime Aten and Kent Annan on their Podcast, The Better Samaritan, we’re digging into positive trends in the church that are lessening the mental health stigma while boosting belonging, purpose, and hope.

Communities are being transformed by the awareness and increased effort to approach mental health from a godly perspective. It doesn’t necessarily begin by creating a new program, but it always grows by intentionally infusing our current strengths with trauma-informed care.



  • Look for the need and where your strengths overlap.
  • Do what you’re already doing—but in an intentional way.
  • If we can’t take research and translate it into practice, there’s an issue.
  • The church has answers for eternity, but we can also help people here and now.




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