Church Mental Health Summit

111: How Hope Made Strong can support your local church

Humanity shares three core needs: belonging, purpose, and hope. These are the three needs that inspired Laura Howe, Founder of Hope Made Strong, to bridge the gap between the clinical side of mental health and the church’s role in care ministry. 

Today, we’re hearing a bit of Laura’s story along with an overview of how Hope Made Strong is supporting local churches around the world. A wide range of tools, resources, e-guides, courses, and training can help your church’s ability to provide sustainable care. 



  • I began to notice that there was a striking difference between the needs that I saw in the community and the support offered in the church.
  • Ministry leaders are caregivers too. 
  • The relentless demand and the boundaryless roles of ministry leaders are a recipe for burnout and compassion fatigue.
  • The local church is not meant to be a club to pump up its members. It’s a vehicle that God intended to move through to reach people and to bring them hope and healing in His saving grace.
  • We want the conversation to go from a global context to a local context.




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