Church Mental Health Summit

117: Building and Bearing with Empathy in Everyday Life with Edward Ng

In the rubble of our society’s relationships, how do we step into compassion and empathy to truly love our neighbors?


Today, we’re joined by Edward Ng, a Registered Psychologist in Vancouver, Canada, and the founder and director of Eastgate Psychological Services. In today’s episode, we get to learn the difference between compassion and empathy and find out how to grow in empathy with key practices. 



  • If we’re serious about conforming to Christ…we must learn to love our neighbors as ourselves.
  • We practice stretching ourselves to cover another with love.
  • Empathy requires mental discipline.
  • Saying something out loud to another person sharpens us.
  • Imperfect love given in humility is more powerful than we know.




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