Church Mental Health Summit

118: Being Brave Enough to Be Broken with Toni Collier

“Go deep or go home.” Today we welcome Toni Collier, founder of an international women’s organization called Broken Crayons Still Color, to the podcast. In one of our most-viewed sessions of the 2023 Church Mental Health Summit, Toni clarifies the difference between guilt and shame. Toni encourages listeners to step away from being a fan of God and into the deeper calling of following Him, drawing our attention to the four basic needs we as humans never graduate from needing. 



  • A fan calls themself a Christian…A follower surrenders.
  • We need people that are like Jesus with skin on to see us in the depths of us.
  • Hiding is the kryptonite to healing.
  • You can claim guilt without having to embrace shame. 
  • We are imperfect and we’re wired for struggle, but we’re still so worthy of love and belonging.



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