Church Mental Health Summit

121: What is Hope Made Strong and 5 Ways We Help You Build Your Care Ministry

After working for 15 years as a clinical mental health social worker, Laura Howe began to dream up what it could look like for church leaders to provide excellent support for their communities…without the burnout piece that often follows. Today, Hope Made Strong provides support for leaders all over the world, reaching 100 countries with its resources, tools, and global Church Mental Health Summits. Listen in to discover the many ways you can be equipped with the mental health resources needed to create resilient individuals and churches with knowledgeable and confident leadership.



  • Many churches had the intention of caring for their people but struggled to do it effectively. And they seemed to burn through leaders and volunteers. Nothing ever really stuck.  
  • I knew that there is power in having a network of support through peers. 
  • The church has lessons to learn from the community. And the community has lessons to learn from the church. 




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