Church Mental Health Summit

125: Trauma Healing Institute with Rebecca Taguma


God wants the best for you and He has the best for you.” We’re grateful to welcome Rebecca Taguma, Executive Director of The Trauma Healing Institute with us today. As she shares the realities of trauma and how it can affect people, she reminds us of the importance of the church’s response and role in providing care. The Trauma Healing Institute (THI) provides resources for churches to do this excellently. Whether it’s a referral list or direct care, THI is helping churches with accessible care for those in need.



  • Trauma is about our experience with an event. 
  • Our bodies literally absorb trauma. 
  • No one should be left not knowing how to respond.
  • Churches are the places people go when they are hurting.
  • God wants the best for you and He has the best for you.




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