Church Mental Health Summit

130: How to Engage The Three Types of Care-Givers In Your Church

“Peer support feels like a hidden superpower of the church.” Today, we are exploring three roles of support you can offer your congregation. The best part is, those with lived experiences who attend and make up a large portion of your church are often your best resource for creating a culture of care. Find out why in today’s episode!  



  • The character of religious leaders [in the story of the Good Samaritan] is a warning that the busyness of ministry can easily overshadow and even blind us to the call to offer compassion to those who do not hold the same traditions or values as ourselves.
  • The church is called to be a place for people to heal and recover. 
  • Leader, please be an advocate for someone speaking to a clinician and specialist if they are struggling.  
  • Peers are the secret sauce of a culture of care. 




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