Church Mental Health Summit

133: Spiritual First Aid: Training for Your Team with Jamie Aten, Kent Annan and Laura Howe

Jamie Aten, Ph.D. and Kent Annan, M.Div. join us on today’s episode to share about the ways Spiritual First Aid is making an impact around the world. The combined research and real-world experience from these two have allowed for a course that is both rich in content and accessible to those who wouldn’t consider themselves professionals in mental health. With a curriculum that is biblically informed, trauma-informed, and evidence-informed, Spiritual First Aid is equipping people to care for needs ranging from mild stress to trauma.    



  • There are more needs in our church and community than there are professionals.
  • There are thousands throughout your community who are struggling alone, and are desperate for hope and your church has a role to play in supporting others. 




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