Church Mental Health Summit

135: Reaching Hurting Kids with Robert Crosby

Robert Crosby, PhD and Rev. Kayla Smith join us on today’s episode. As Executive Director and Associate Director, respectively, for Reach Hurting Kids Institute, Dr. Crosby and Pastor Kayla give insight into the power of trauma-informed care for children in churches. 


With a blend of three lenses–pastoral, research, and therapy–Reach Hurting Kids Institute provides helpful resources for churches to reframe the mindset when experiencing common behavioral challenges in children. There is a deeper opportunity for care. Listen in to hear how your team can “train your eyes to see something different.”



  • The kids of our churches and communities need people who can respond well.
  • [Behavior] is a communication of what is lacking.
  • [Trauma-informed care] softens our hearts toward the kids we usually see as a pain.




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