Church Mental Health Summit

137: MH Awareness Month with Boston Bachert

“If I had to guess…I’m not alone here in my struggle.” One of the ways our guest on today’s episode, Boston Bachert, connects with his audience is through his juggling, circus, illusion, and comedy performances. But another way is through sharing his story of being diagnosed with Tourettes at the age of seven. People who walk away from Boston’s performances feel seen, heard, and not alone. Listen to today’s episode for encouragement on the importance of peer support amid our anxieties and struggles. Your encouragement can make a difference.    



  • If I had to guess, I’m not alone here with [my] struggle.
  • I would never be a performer if it wasn’t for Christian mentors involved in my life.
  • Don’t give as much influence to what other people say.
  • Don’t put pressure on things to be perfect.




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