Church Mental Health Summit

143: Three Ways Your Church Is Set Up To Offer Hope To Its Congregation

As we do our best to navigate the ups and downs of those dealing with mental health struggles, it’s always good to be reminded that your church is already the best place to offer three core needs: belonging, purpose, and hope. Today, we’re specifically hearing how the local church can offer hope in three ways. We’re discovering why the ministry of your church cannot be replaced by any other organization to meet this need.



  • [Hope] is central to one’s well-being, and yet, no system or community organization has the capacity to help people find it.  
  • As ministry caregivers, we can both be the holders of hope AND invite people to look to God as the giver of hope. 
  • God designed us to need what is offered organically in our local church.  Belonging, Purpose, and Hope. 


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