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103: 10 Benefits Of Joining A Care Ministry Cohort.

If you’re looking for ways to build a strategic and sustainable Care Ministry, you will benefit greatly from the Care Ministry Cohorts! Today, Laura takes us on a “behind-the-scenes tour” of what you can experience when you join a Care Cohort!


Those in our cohorts gain access to priceless resources like:

  • Community (ministry leaders who understand the nuances of care ministry)
  • Vision assessment tools (making sure you’re providing appropriate care)
  • Budgeting templates (getting creative with funding)
  • Community resource lists (recommendations that will multiply the tools in your toolbelt)

And so much more!


Join us today as we discover how your Care Ministry can be elevated through joining a Care Ministry Cohort.



  • I can’t overstate the importance of keeping records when you are caring for those who are vulnerable.
  • While it’s not intentional, people often experience different care depending on who they ask and when.
  • It’s essential that a leader dedicates some time to work on the ministry rather than only working in the ministry. 
  • It’s not just important to focus on building your care ministry, but it’s also important to build yourself as a leader.  




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